A construction site that could benefit from mobile showers to protect workers

Why Consider Mobile Showers for Your Construction Site?

For more than two decades, we have partnered with construction managers to support their job sites in the Greater Houston area. We typically provide portable toilets, restroom trailers, and handwash stations to support work crews.

We believe there is another critical addition that construction managers should consider. Mobile showers are increasingly valuable to help mitigate the effects of hazardous materials that workers may encounter at the construction site.

OSHA-compliant mobile showers help prevent eye injuries by providing on-the-spot decontamination. Workers can use the showers to rapidly flush away hazardous substances before damage is done. Plus, because these types of showers are portable, they can be easily deployed to areas where there are known risks.

Find out more about why construction managers should incorporate mobile showers into their construction plan to protect workers and comply with OSHA requirements.

The Value of Mobile Showers at the Construction Site

– First and foremost, mobile showers provide enhanced protection for construction workers. We believe that construction managers should take every precaution to look out for their people so that they can return home safely after performing their duties at the job site.

Also, the health of your work crew is vital to ensure that the project finishes on time, stays within the budget, and meets quality standards. Injuries to workers could lead to a reduction in productivity and present the risk of a temporary shutdown if an OSHA investigation is required. You can help prevent these unwanted outcomes by introducing additional safeguards.

– From a compliance perspective, mobile showers help construction managers satisfy OSHA policies for workplace safety.

Specifically, OSHA requires that employers provide emergency eyewashes and showers in a workplace setting where “the eyes or body of any person may be exposed to injurious corrosive materials.” In this case, “suitable facilities for quick drenching or flushing of the eyes and body shall be provided within the work area for immediate emergency use.”

While not every construction site deals with “injurious corrosive materials,” as defined by OSHA in their material safety data sheet, we still believe it’s important to provide access to a mobile shower in any construction environment where harsh chemicals or related substances are used.

Going above and beyond baseline OSHA requirements will show that you are considerate of your people and truly care about providing the safest possible environment in difficult work conditions at a construction site.

Our Rental Option for a Mobile Shower at Construction Sites

Eyewash 1

At Texas Outhouse, we provide Eye Washing Stations and Emergency Showers that are tailored to the needs of the construction site. Each self-contained unit is easy to maintain and mobilize to specific areas where work is being performed.

The unit comes with a customized fill indicator pressure gauge, a large water fill opening, and a convenient air fill stem. The attached instructions are easy to follow so that construction workers can quickly remedy a health concern.

Plus, our units satisfy the OSHA standard for providing workers with access to emergency eyewashes and showers. You will be prepared to achieve OSHA compliance throughout the duration of the construction project.

Consider the benefits of renting one of our units for your site:

  • We will upkeep and service each emergency shower unit.
  • You can avoid the high cost of buying units by renting through Texas Outhouse.
  • You can realize additional cost savings by renting units in bulk.
  • You will receive a 90-day check-up for each unit at no charge.
  • After 180 days, we will refill each unit and provide an additional check-up.
  • Our team will properly place each unit near workstations to support compliance.
  • We will work with you to ensure that each unit is kept in a temperature-controlled area.
  • We will follow your construction schedule to ensure prompt delivery/removal and routine servicing of each unit.

To discuss renting one or multiple units, we recommend that you call 713-785-8050 to check for availability. Ask for Larry Wheeler to inquire about service. You can also fill out our website contact form to let us know that you are interested in renting from Texas Outhouse.
Our team will work hard to meet your timeline and quickly deploy unit(s) to your construction site in the Greater Houston area. We look forward to serving your project needs!