The Shower Trailer Experts

Our shower trailers feature unmatched amenities to ensure that each person feels like they are right at home. We offer custom floorplans that meet your desired configurations. We also service the trailers throughout usage to ensure the highest level of cleanliness that you should expect.

Shower Trailer

The eight-stall shower trailer offers you and your customers unequaled flexibility, as well as many unique features. It can be configured for male/female use in a 4+4 or 2+6 floor plan, or as an eight-shower arrangement, depending on gender requirements.

Each shower stall has a changing area, shower and private lock, and features hot & cold water, seating and space for toiletries, a dressing area, sinks and power outlets.

Length: 28’ Box, 33’ w/Tongue
Width: 8’5”, 10’6” w/Steps Down
Height: 11’6” w/Tongue
*Shower Trailer sizes are approximate and could vary. Interior styles may also vary, and are subject to unit availability.