Announcing Our New Safety Manager

Gainsborough Waste and Texas Outhouse are proud to announce the hiring of our new safety manager, Jessica Flores, to build on our company’s commitment to safety.

Jessica brings a decade of experience in transportation logistics to our company. In her new role, she will enhance our driver safety program and develop other safety programs to ensure that we meet compliance standards and focus on accident prevention.

Why Was It Important for Our Company to Elevate Our Safety Focus?

Safety is at the core of our company’s corporate values. We needed a leader who could support our vision for the full implementation of safety programs and hold our teams accountable for following through.

Jessica will be splitting her time equally between Gainsborough Waste and Texas Outhouse to strengthen each company’s safety initiatives and to implement training programs that support our drivers.

Because of her natural leadership skills and previous experience managing fleets of service vehicles, we believe that Jessica is the right fit to continue supporting our safety culture.

“Our organization was looking for a safety manager that had extensive fleet experience and could create and maintain a culture that would be sustainable,” says Noble Carl, president of Gainsborough Waste.

“I’m excited for the challenge of learning a new industry of waste management, especially joining at this time where I get to help drive the culture toward safety. It’s a team effort at Gainsborough Waste and Texas Outhouse and it’s exciting to see how everyone is coming together to embrace safety,” says Jessica Flores.

The Next Steps for Our Safety Culture

After focusing on our driver safety program, Jessica will focus on other safety programs, including our on-site work environment. She will assess our current commitment to safety at our Houston locations and recommend the appropriate enhancements.

Our company is excited to see how Jessica uses her leadership skills to strengthen each team’s commitment to safety. We are confident that our enhanced safety culture will allow us to continue serving the needs of our customers in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner.

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