Smith System Certification

Our Drivers Certified Through Smith System Driver Training

Our company takes driver safety very seriously. Throughout this year, we are elevating our existing commitment to driver safety with additional programs, training, and measurements.

One program that we are proud to be involved with is the industry-leading Smith System driver training. Our drivers are fully certified by the Smith System after completing the training program.

How We Incorporate the Smith5Keys Into Our Safety Program

This universally-recognized safety program includes course material that is based on The Smith5Keys of driver safety. The keys incorporate the three most important elements of driver safety: space, visibility, and time.

These elements manifest themselves in five guiding principles:

1. Aim High in Steering

2. Get the Big Picture

3. Keep Your Eyes Moving

4. Leave Yourself an Out

5. Make Sure They See You

We utilize these principles in our daily safety training discussions and our ongoing safety programs.

Our drivers are reminded to leave plenty of distance between themselves and other drivers, constantly review their surroundings to process new information, remain vigilant throughout their drive, maintain a cushion, and communicate with other drivers on the road.

We do not just talk about the principles, though. We also hold our drivers accountable by measuring results and tracking their progress in our safety programs.

Our Company’s Commitment to Driver Safety

The Smith System is a valuable tool in our safety toolbox. We are proud that our drivers are certified after completing the training program.

We look forward to continuing to advance our commitment to driver safety in 2019 and beyond. When we provide services to customers, our goal is to ensure that our drivers, our customers, and people in our communities remain safe when we are on the road.