A restroom trailer rental is being used at Minute Maid Park for a local event in Houston

Go Local — Schedule a Restroom Trailer Rental for Houston Events

Houston is a world-class city with a diverse culture and busy streets full of life. There is always a special event happening somewhere in the city, so if you’re responsible for planning these occasions, you’re probably familiar with a restroom trailer rental in Houston

The question is: who should you rent from? We’d like to share why we think it’s a good idea to select a local provider of mobile restrooms. At Texas Outhouse, we ensure that your guests have adequate facilities that are readily available throughout the duration of the event.

Who to Use for a Portable Toilet Rental in Houston?

When you’re planning a significant event, like an outdoor wedding or a large festival, you need assurance that the luxury restroom trailer you rented will arrive when you need it. This will help eliminate distractions during the event so that you can focus on other important elements.

If you chose a large waste company, you may have less control over the delivery window, the number of units that you can rent, and the pickup times. However, when you work with us, you gain access to a robust selection of trailers that can be delivered according to your needs.

Why Choose a Local Provider of Portable Restrooms?

Choosing a local toilet rental company provides many advantages over a national company. 

1. Cost

Many national companies mark up their costs to the consumer, making your luxury restroom trailer more expensive. Working directly with a local provider such as Texas Outhouse will save your clients money.

2. Familiarity with the Area

Houston hosts numerous annual outdoor events, including festivals, parades, and fairs. These events attract thousands of visitors annually, making your outdoor restroom facilities crucial to the success of your event.

A local company knows the ins and outs of the area. We can go anywhere in Greater Houston! We’ve likely serviced your type of event or serviced different events at the same venue. This extra knowledge makes us a suitable choice to create efficiencies and deliver on time compared to a company that might be unfamiliar with the area or venue.

Plus, our local team will know exactly where to place the restroom units at your location. We will ensure that each unit is accessible for guests, yet out of the way to ensure the proper flow of foot traffic.

3. Responsiveness 

National waste providers tend to be spread thin trying to serve many clients. Comparatively, our local company offers high-quality customer service because we can respond quickly to questions about the venue and area. We make it easy to book units, schedule delivery, and find timely support during and after the event.

View Our Selection of Restroom Trailer Rentals

We offer a wide selection of restroom trailers that fit any occasion. Each unit comes with standard features and additional amenities depending on the configuration of the trailer and the needs of your guests:

  • Flushing toilets
  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning 
  • Hot/cold running water
  • Decorative furnishings like wooden cabinetry and large mirrors
  • Higher capacity with the same privacy as individual stalls

We’ll work with your budget and event needs to ensure that you select the right trailer and the ideal number of trailers for your event:

– Check out the Special Events Calculator on our Events Page to help you get started on your rental.

Secure Your Restroom Trailer Rental

When you’re planning a special event in Houston, the small details are just as important as the big picture. Not providing adequate restroom facilities can lead to a difficult experience for everyone involved. Don’t let that happen at your next event. 

Trust a local company like Texas Outhouse for your restroom trailer rental in Houston. You can reach us at 713-785-8050 to discuss your event. Our local and helpful customer service team will ask you a few questions and help you schedule a rental for your event. We look forward to serving you!