3 Luxury Restroom Trailers for Weddings You’d Actually Wear Your Dress In

Whether you are a bride preparing for your big wedding day, a family member supporting the bride, or a wedding planner trying to check every box to support the bride, one of the last things you’ll think about is restroom availability and comfort.

However, we believe the restroom experience is one of the most important aspects of a successful wedding day. We are so committed to this service that we developed three types of luxury restroom trailers that every bride will be comfortable wearing their wedding dress inside.

What Types of Wedding Portable Toilets Are Available?

We understand there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to weddings or wedding planning.

Some wedding parties include an intimate gathering of the lovely bride, a few bridesmaids, and a small group of family members. Then, there are much larger wedding parties with the bride, every college friend as a bridesmaid, and a large group of family members.

No matter how small or large the wedding party is, we are confident that each bride will smile, glow, and experience amazing comfort in one of these luxury restroom trailers.

3-Stall Spa Trailer

Our smallest luxury restroom trailer is designed for a small wedding party to give the bride and her wedding party ample room to prepare for the big day.

This stall includes plenty of space for the bride to use the facility in her wedding dress, take a moment to relax or spend time in reflection, and perform last-minute touch-ups to her make-up.

Included are standard restroom amenities, a changing area, great lighting, A/C, and a step-up/step-down feature to enter and exit the restroom trailer.

4-Stall Spa & Luxury Trailer

The four-stall trailer is the same length, width, and height as the three-stall spa trailer. The difference is a unique floor configuration to allow for one extra stall and more foot traffic in the trailer.

The bride still has plenty of room to use the facility in her wedding dress, plus take a moment to relax, reflect, and perform touch-ups. All of the same amenities as the three-stall trailer are also included.

This option is ideal for wedding parties with a few extra relatives or bridesmaids compared to your standard wedding party before crossing the threshold into a large wedding party.

8-Stall Spa & Luxury Trailer

Our largest luxury restroom trailer is 42 percent longer than the three-stall and four-stall trailers. It’s also slightly wider and taller.

This trailer is ideal for large wedding parties and heavy foot traffic. There is an unbelievable amount of space for the bride to use the facility in her wedding dress, completely relax her mind, and take plenty of time to reflect on her big day.

The experience in the eight-stall luxury restroom trailer is second-to-none for a bride and the entire wedding party on the big day.

Inquire About Luxury Portable Toilet Services

Our company is completely confident in our ability to provide a luxurious experience for each bride on her wedding day. The only thing left for you is to match up the size of the wedding party with our luxury portable toilet options and schedule services for the big day.

Get in touch with our Customer Service team today to make the connection. Please complete our Inquiry form or call us directly at 713-785-8050 to discuss the availability of our luxury restroom trailers in your area. We look forward to providing the best luxury restroom experience on your wedding day!