What Are Chemical Toilets?

Chemical toilets (or portable toilets) play an important role in today’s increasingly mobile world where access to fixed-location restrooms is often times not available. Consider these events that benefit from access to chemical toilets:

  • Outdoor concerts and special events
  • Marathons, races, and walks
  • Sporting events and recreational activities
  • Weddings and outdoor parties
  • Neighborhood rallies, fairs, and cook-offs

Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between the perception of chemical toilets and the strong usability and convenience of these portable restrooms.

Well-Serviced Chemical Toilets Are Increasingly Valuable

Chemical toilets include two key elements: a holding tank and chemicals to minimize bacteria and odor. The contents of the holding tank are not connected to a septic tank or a sewage line, requiring manual servicing.

If chemical toilets are left unserviced for a period of time, though, the build-up of human waste can overtake the positive experience of having access to a portable restroom.

We understand this concern for event planners and organizers who want to ensure a positive experience for their patrons. That’s why Texas Outhouse is committed to providing industry-leading servicing of portable toilets.

Consider Texas Outhouse for Portable Toilet Service

Our company does not just offer a selection of portable toilets. We also service the toilets at the optimal service time to ensure a refreshing experience for guests throughout your event.

Our team members will service the portable restrooms at the agreed-upon time and restore each unit to its optimal cleanliness before being placed back into use.

Please view our selection of portable toilets, then complete our website form to inquire about the availability of portable restrooms and service delivery. Alternatively, contact us directly via email at [email protected] or by phone at 713-785-8050.