3 Common Mistakes: Special Event Porta Potty Planning

Whether this is your first time scheduling porta potties for a special event or you have scheduled portable toilet service many times before, it is important to remember three essentials. Incorporating these essentials into your plan will ensure the optimal service for your special event without making a common mistake:

  • Timing
  • Estimating
  • Servicing

Special Event Servicing Essential #1: Timing is Everything

Common Mistake: Too often, we hear from event planners who waited until the last minute to schedule portable toilet services for their special event. You may even be reading this article because you fall into that category. It’s okay! We’re here to help.

Solution: Think of portable toilet services as one of the most critical elements of event planning. It’s as essential as scheduling transportation, catering, speakers, staff, and other core elements. This mindset will allow you to think clearly about the services you need and give yourself enough time to ensure prompt delivery.

But, if you waited until the last minute to schedule portable toilet service, the key is not to make the next mistake.

Special Event Servicing Essential #2: Estimating Will Save Money

Common Mistake: When rushed to make a decision on portable toilets, it’s easy to make a mistake on the number of portable toilets to rent.

    • Overestimating the number of portable toilets leads to unnecessary costs.
    • Underestimating the number of portable toilets leads to frustrated guests, creating an unpleasant experience.

Solution: You need to reliably estimate the number of people that will be attending the event. (Don’t forget to include support staff, not just guests). A reliable estimate will allow you to determine how many portable toilets will be required to comfortably serve the needs of all users.

Special Event Servicing Essential #3: Servicing Will Keep Your Guests Happy

Common Mistake: Event planners need to work with a company that will not just provide portable toilets for special events, but will also service the toilets in a reliable and timely manner.

  • You do not want the toilets to back up, overflow, or become unusable from a lack of service.
  • You also do not want to spend valuable time and energy badgering a company to come service the toilets.

Solution: Work with Texas Outhouse. We not only provide the optimal number of portable toilets for your event, but we also service the toilets at the ideal time.

Our frontline service team members will arrive at the best time without causing interruption and they will ensure the portable toilets are completely clean, sanitary, and usable to the satisfaction of your guests.

Contact Texas Outhouse to Schedule Special Event Portable Toilet Service

Our experienced and knowledgable team would like to discuss the specific needs of your event. This way, we can help you avoid common mistakes and make these important decisions:

  • Identify the right number of portable toilets
  • Identify the best time to delivery the toilets
  • Set a cleaning schedule for the duration of your event
  • Identify the best time to remove the toilets after the event

Overall, we will help you manage costs and stay within your budget helping you provide this critical service to guests and other users.

To get started on scheduling services, please complete our website form to inquire about the availability of our portable toilets for special events. Alternatively, contact us directly via email at [email protected] or by phone at 713-785-8050.