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Introducing Our New Service: Eye Wash Stations

Companies that handle chemical materials in the work environment are required by OSHA to provide on-site emergency eyewashes for employees and workers.

The specific requirement is that companies must provide “suitable facilities for quick drenching or flushing of the eyes and body where the eyes or body of any person may be exposed to injurious corrosive materials.”

Another category of companies may also consider hand washing stations if individuals are exposed to non-chemical, hazardous material at a construction site, manufacturing facility, or other similar location.

Because so many companies in the Greater Houston area fall into one of these two categories interacting with chemical materials or hazardous materials, we now offer eye wash stations for companies to rent at their location.

Why Rent an Eye Wash Station from Our Company?

Our company is committed to reliable on-time service and delivery. We built on reputation on this standard for portable toilets and restroom trailers. Now, we are extending our service capabilities to provide eye wash stations for companies throughout the Greater Houston area.

When we decided to introduce this new service, we looked at what was available for purchase in the market. We felt that eye wash stations you can purchase at home improvement stores or online retail outlets are ill-suited for industrial or commercial needs, especially at larger job sites or facilities.

We also listened to our customers who expressed a need for eye wash stations at the job site or at the facility to meet the OSHA requirements. After much planning and consideration, we decided it was the right time to introduce the new eye wash service.

How to Rent the Eye Wash Service in Houston

We are introducing the new eye wash stations on a limited basis. We want to make sure that each customer receives the expected level of quality service that you expect from our company.

We are committed to delivering eye wash stations where and when you need the stations, our team will regularly service the stations, and we will be available for any special service needs during your rental.

To inquire about the availability of our eye wash stations, please contact us today. Call 713-999-6178 and ask for Larry Wheeler or Tim Byrd to inquire about service. Alternatively, complete our website form to schedule eye wash service at your site.