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3 Ways to Get Ahead as a Corporate Event Planner in Houston

Being a corporate event planner in Houston gives you access to many outdoor venues to create a unique and enjoyable experience for corporate clients.

Now, we know that weather can be a factor when planning an outdoor event in the Greater Houston area. That’s why it’s important to plan well in advance for variables such as weather. And, while you’re making the plan, think of extra touches. These extra touches will reflect positively back on you, helping you build referrals!

Finding little extra ways to “wow” your client will inspire them to refer you to other companies looking for the services that you provided so well. Now, about those extra touches to impress the client.

How to Make Sure The Guests are Covered

Think about the things you would be concerned with if you were attending an outdoor event. Not only do you want to think ahead to the solutions for these concerns, you want the outcome to be something people can’t stop talking about.

To ensure the comfort and enjoyment of your corporate client and their guests, consider the following three elements in your corporate event plan.

1. Ensure the Venue is Suitable for the Event

Once you have made sure the event will be successful in an outdoor environment, you will want to find a venue that makes sense for the activities that will take place.

Just like you would do if you were looking into an indoor space, reach out to the site manager and ensure that the facility is properly equipped for the activities for that day, weekend, or week.

Most importantly, check to see if you need to acquire any permits for the event. Not doing so can result in the event being delayed or shut down, which is the opposite of what you want!

2. Have a Backup Plan if the Weather Goes South

Since an outdoor event in Houston depends on the weather being nice, it’s very important that you have a plan if there is an unexpected shift in climate. See if there is a nearby indoor setting you can move into if there is a threat of rain, or a pavilion that provides sufficient coverage.

If it starts raining early in the morning, consider your options. Will you postpone the event or immediately move to Plan B? If so, how will you make sure this is communicated to the guests? The more you think ahead, the smoother this will be carried out.

3. Provide Clean Restrooms

Most outdoor venues do not have restrooms for guests to utilize. Consider the extra touch of providing clean, portable restrooms to support guests.

Properly serviced and maintained bathrooms can make a great impression on guests and create an ideal experience for your corporate client. This is an example of a simple extra touch that will go a long way in your client’s eyes.

Texas Outhouse Can Support Your Corporate Event

Looking for a good outdoor restroom solution? Texas Outhouse provides clean, portable restrooms equipped with hand washing sinks, mirrors, lights, air-conditioning/heating, and more amenities.

For an even greater experience for clients, consider our restroom trailers. This option is especially valuable to create a respite for guests in the event of a weather interruption.

Contact us today to inquire about including portable toilets and luxury restrooms as part of your corporate event planning schedule. We’ll help you look good for the client and build referrals for your next event!