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Safety Focus: Expanded Commitment to Safety Training Programs

Our company is extremely proud of our commitment to safety. We believe in protecting our customers, employees, and communities by safely providing services throughout the Greater Houston area. We also support on-site safety at our facility to ensure a safe work environment for all employees.

Over the past year, we have expanded on our safety focus by introducing new safety training programs specifically designed for each employee group.

Our Implemented Safety Training Programs

Our safety manager, Jessica Flores, has designed and fully implemented safety programs that include the following:

  • Hazard Communication program
  • Lock-Out Tag, Fire Prevention, and Protection Plan
  • First Aid/CPR program
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan

All programs have provided employees with specific course training, comprehension, and application in both a classroom environment and hands-on guidance in their specific work areas.

Additional Safety Elements In Our Company

We support our safety training programs with weekly safety meetings for all areas of the company. This includes CDL truck drivers, non-CDL drivers, shop mechanics, welders, painters, water treatment facility staff, and office personnel.

This is important because we believe that safety is not limited to difficult work in the field. Therefore, we ensure that everyone in our company has a firm understanding of their role supporting safety.

The end result is a comprehensive, detailed, and well-maintained safety initiative that touches every aspect of our company:

  • Processes are written and implemented to meet DOT requirements.
  • Safety training is facilitated to meet DOT and OSHA requirements.
  • Training material is updated to reflect the latest industry standards.
  • Employee safety records are updated to hold each other accountable.
  • Daily vehicle inspections are performed.
  • Units are properly maintained by in-house shop mechanics.

Safety Remains Our Top Priority

We recognize the importance of a proactive approach to safety. Through our new safety training programs and the safety support elements, we are confident in our ability to safely provide services throughout the Greater Houston area.

As our company continues to grow, we will continue to seek opportunities to implement more safety programs. We look forward to realizing even more positive results stemming from our expanded commitment to safety.