Texas Outhouse portable toilet ready to be delivered as part of porta potty rental in Houston, Texas

Need a Porta Potty Rental in Houston? We Deliver Fast!

Has the pandemic or other circumstance forced you to change event plans at the last minute? Perhaps there is concern about using an indoor venue, leading to the event being moved outdoors. Now, you need a solution to provide restrooms for your guests. Don’t worry, we can help.

We offer porta potty rentals in Houston, and we will deliver fast! Plus, we’ll help you meet the health and safety requirements from the state of Texas when holding events outside. We’ll help you follow proper sanitation measures to keep your event safe for all guests.

Safe Portable Restroom Solutions for Your Events in 2020

We know that health guidelines to hold outdoor events can cause extra stress for event planners, especially when you’re trying to adjust on the fly and make new arrangements very quickly. We can alleviate some of that stress by providing you with portable toilets. Consider the benefits of renting a portable restroom for guests to use at the venue.

Reduce Indoor Foot Traffic

If you’re planning a wedding, family gathering, or corporate event at a private property, you may need to reduce foot traffic coming into the actual home. To reduce the likelihood of individuals coming into the home to use the restroom, you can rent a porta potty to place outside.

We can quickly bring portable restrooms directly to the property before the event, then remove the restrooms when the event is over. This means not only will guests remain outdoors in a controlled environment, but you also won’t have to take additional sanitary measures inside the home after the event concludes.

Create Space for Guests to Use the Restroom

You may be concerned about too many guests in a confined space at the same time. For example, during intermission of an outdoor event, you may be concerned about guests rushing toward an indoor restroom at the same time.

Renting multiple porta potties can help alleviate this concern by spacing out portable toilets in various locations in the outdoor setting. Providing multiple locations for guests to use a portable restroom will cut down on lines, prevent crowds from forming in congested areas, and ensure that guests are able to maintain social distancing.

Added Health & Safety Solutions

At Texas Outhouse, we take sanitation seriously. Not only do we take the time to ensure that our portable toilet units are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, but we also offer handwashing stations and hand sanitizer to complement your rental.

Our goal is to help you create peace of mind for guests when attending an event. We provide these added sanitation options so that guests can reduce their risk of infection by following handwashing and hand sanitizing recommendations.

How Many Porta Potties You Should Rent?

Another stressful decision to make in a pinch is how many porta potties to rent. Don’t worry, our expert team can help you decide how many portable toilet units to rent after discussing the nature of the event you’re planning. We’ll review together:

  • The type of event.
  • The expected number of guests.
  • How long the event will last.
  • If food and beverages will be provided, creating more frequent trips to the restroom.
  • The size of the outdoor venue — or how large the space is that you’re working with.

It’s important to review the size of the outdoor space so that we can work with you and your team to strategically place portable toilets at various locations. Typical spots include exit/entrance locations, the parking lot or designated parking location, areas near walking paths, and hot spots where people are expected to mingle before or after the event.

Schedule Your Porta Potty Rental in Houston

When you have last-minute restroom needs, call us to find a solution! We can quickly mobilize portable toilets to your event location in the Greater Houston area. Contact us at 713-785-8050 so that we can discuss your need, make arrangements, and schedule delivery.
We can also be reached through our website or by emailing [email protected]. We look forward to helping you with event needs during these challenging times.