Texas Outhouse portable restroom trailer to serve businesses in Houston TX

Why Are Portable Restroom Trailers Valuable for Companies?

Business owners and managers at successful companies recognize the importance of protecting employees and looking out for their general wellbeing.

During the current transition and recovery period of this year’s health crisis, companies know more than ever how important it is to make extra effort to ensure that employees, temporary workers, and contractors feel comfortable at their place of work. This includes having safe, sanitary, and healthy restroom accommodations to prevent outbreaks or health issues in shared areas.

If your company has brought back a significant portion of your staff, if a considerable amount of work is performed outdoors, or if you have a large facility covering thousands of square feet, then you may need to consider additional restroom solutions to support your teams. Specifically, portable restroom trailers.

What Are Portable Restroom Trailers?

Portable restroom trailers are ideal for midsize-to-large companies that need to protect the health of hundreds of individuals and multiple teams, groups, or departments.

These trailers are essentially restrooms on wheels, providing the same accommodations that you would expect in a standard, indoor restroom facility.

Modern restroom trailers have a stylish, clean, and upscale feel. The trailers include numerous amenities to accommodate large teams and employees who are sensitive about their restroom experience. All restroom trailers rented by Texas Outhouse include:

  • Private stalls
  • Handwashing sinks with running water
  • Hot and cold water faucets
  • Vanities with mirrors
  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Audio capabilities.

Additionally, we offer an ADA-compliant luxury restroom trailer to support individuals who require wheelchair access. These trailers are built with mobility in mind to include entrance ramps, handlebars, and more amenities.

Providing Adequate Restroom Accommodations

Whether you are looking to rent portable restroom trailers to support your teams for ongoing work or special projects, a trailer is the best route for larger companies.

Your teams will thank you for providing thoughtful accommodations when everyone is thinking about not getting sick during the COVID-19 recovery. There are many other benefits of providing luxury restroom trailers.

– Helps prevent long lines. Luxury restroom trailers include built-in units for both men and women (including sit-down toilets and urinals). Our restroom trailers come in multiple sizes to accommodate a wide variety of team and project needs to ensure a steady flow of traffic without long lines building up:

  • 2-stalls
  • 3-stalls
  • 4-stalls
  • 8-stalls
  • 10-stalls
  • Shower trailer
  • 3-stall luxury 
  • 4-stall luxury
  • 8-stall luxury

– Feels like a real restroom. Not only do the trailers look nice on the outside and the inside, but they also offer a refreshing, desirable environment consistent with a clean, spacious indoor restroom. You also have the ability to control the temperature to provide welcome relief from uncomfortable outdoor conditions and utilize music to enhance the ambiance.

Reduces contact points. One of the primary concerns individuals have about using restrooms in a shared environment during the health crisis is the number of contact points required to use a facility. Using a luxury restroom trailer reduces the number of required contact points to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Contact Us for Restroom Trailer Rentals

Luxury restroom trailers are ideal to provide your employees and contractors with quick, safe access to a clean restroom environment. We would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss this restroom solution for your company during the health crisis. You can also view our selection of luxury trailers at LuxuryEventTrailers.com.

Contact us today to discuss your return-to-work scenario, your ongoing or project need, any special situations that require additional support, and our approach to ensuring a clean, sanitary restroom environment.

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