Texas Outhouse Portable Rental Toilets

Portable Toilet Construction Site: We Make it Easy to Rent

Sanitary portable toilets are vital to have on-site for any construction project, as they keep your team healthy and clean. The good news is that renting portable toilets from Texas Outhouse is easy, as we have units for every need and team.

Find out why you can count on us for your portable toilet construction site needs.

What Are Portable Toilets?

Portable toilets are covered restroom facilities with a flushing toilet that you can rent for a specified period. They have two tanks: One is a water tank for flushing. The other is a holding tank for waste.

We deliver the toilets to your construction site and move them as the project shifts. Renting portable restrooms is perfect for these kinds of settings:

  • Construction sites
  • Festivals
  • Outdoor events
  • Farms
  • Parks
  • Any place that needs temporary bathroom solutions

These units give workers and guests a clean and private space to relieve themselves.

Types of Portable Toilets We Offer

Texas Outhouse has one of the largest toilet rental fleets in the state. We know that each construction site is different, so we have lots of options available. 

Some of the portable restroom rentals we offer include the following:

  • Standard: Basic and affordable
  • Handicap Units: ADA-compliant, wheelchair-accessible and wide-door units
  • VIP trailers: Luxury restroom trailers with air conditioning
  • Caged Lift-Eye: Feature a secure metal cage and lift point for cranes
  • Urinal Stations: Waterless units alongside portable toilets
  • Male/Female Split: Choose any standard-to-female ratio

No matter the size or mix of your team and its needs, we are certain Texas Outhouse can supply the right portable toilet rentals tailored to your needs.

Benefits of Renting Portable Toilets

Renting portable toilets from Texas Outhouse offers many perks, such as:

  • Compliance: Each unit is ready for use to satisfy OSHA requirements on the job site
  • Saving Money: Renting is a lot cheaper than making a permanent bathroom
  • Ease: We deliver, service, and remove the toilets
  • Efficiency: Units are set up fast to keep your project on time
  • Hygiene: We always clean our units, and they feature hand-washing stations

We are also flexible, so you can change your rental as needed. Or, if you need a long-term portable restroom solution, we are prepared to support your needs.

Enjoy a Simple Rental Process

Working with Texas Outhouse makes renting portable toilets stress-free. Here’s a look at our easy rental process:

  • Request a Quote: Ask for a quote so we can assess your needs and help you pick products
  • Schedule Delivery: Select a delivery date, and we’ll handle the rest
  • Ongoing Service: We take care of pumping waste and adding supplies whenever you run low
  • Pickup: Let us know when you are done with your project or event so we can haul the units away

Offer Cleanliness and Convenience to Your Crew

Avoid delays and dangers with clean and functioning bathrooms for everyone involved in your project. Texas Outhouse offers clean, portable toilets that meet your needs and help to keep workers healthy and hard-working.

We service each unit on a regular schedule to ensure that your crew has regular access to each unit.

Why Choose Texas Outhouse?

With over 25 years of experience supporting the needs of construction managers, you can count on Texas Outhouse for the following reasons:

  • Massive selection of units
  • Timely and reliable delivery, pumping, and pickup services in the Greater Houston area
  • Easily adjustable rental sizes
  • Competitive rates on each rental

At the end of the day, Texas Outhouse is a long-standing local business. We want to help other businesses in the area. We also believe you should never have to worry about the facilities that are available when you’re on the job!

Get a Custom Quote for a Portable Toilet Construction Site Today!

Portable toilets are definite must-haves for every construction site. Every team is different, though, so you need to be able to find solutions that are designed for you.

Contact Texas Outhouse or visit us online to learn more about renting portable toilets for your site today. It’s never been easier to find portable toilet construction site solutions you need.