Industrial handwash station from Texas Outhouse

Support Your Job Site with an Industrial Handwash Station

All employers are required to provide safe working conditions for their teams, especially in industrial settings. One issue that managers of industrial job sites need to consider is sanitation.

Focusing on sanitation will help you align with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and provide your crew with a safe working environment. One tool at your disposal is an industrial handwash station that can be placed at your job site.

Learn more about the value of this type of durable unit that will provide an exceptional clean for your crew.

Benefits of Renting Industrial Handwash Stations

Consider the benefits of using industrial handwash stations at your job site.

Ensures OSHA Compliance

OSHA requires site managers to support employees by providing portable washing facilities when standard facilities are not available. Renting a handwash station from Texas Outhouse will take care of your primary need to satisfy OSHA requirements.

Establishes That You Prioritize Safety 

Including handwash sinks throughout your job site shows that you are concerned about keeping your employees safe. Supporting their needs demonstrates that you take worker safety seriously.

Places Value on Your Employee’s Health

Installing dedicated handwashing areas at your job site gives your team a visual cue that you are focused on their health.

Many industrial sites have hazardous materials present, and when these materials make contact with the skin, they can be quite harmful. Placing handwashing stations around the job site gives employees an area to wash away anything hazardous.

This small gesture can make employees feel taken care of, valued, and more productive as a result.

Minimizes Project Delays From Sickness

Some job sites are extremely remote, with no indoor restroom facilities or sinks available for miles. Renting portable sinks allows your team to clean their hands before and after using a portable toilet that you should also have on-site.

Providing easy access to soap and water decreases health risks from working in close quarters. The benefit is that having a healthy team can help you avoid sick days, call-outs, and delays in your project timeline. As a result, your project can finish on time.

How Many Industrial Handwashing Stations Do You Need?

We are often asked how many handwashing stations are required for a job site. The answer is that it depends on the size and scope of the project.

To comply with OSHA regulations, you need a minimum of one handwashing station for every 20 employees. However, it’s better to round this number up to account for any changes that may arise.

For example, a site that employs 55 workers would need a minimum of three stations. If your site has regular visitors, you may need to increase that number to ensure you remain OSHA compliant.

Rent an Industrial Handwashing Station From Texas Outhouse

Handwashing stations should be easily accessible and conveniently located for your crew. It’s important that they are kept near portable toilets but with enough space to maintain a nice flow of traffic.

At Texas Outhouse, we provide industrial sites with industrial handwash stations and other sanitation units to support compliance, health, and safety.

Our experienced staff will help you determine how many stations you need, identify the right accessory units to complement each industrial handwash station, and talk to you about where to place each unit.

Your project is in good hands when you select handwash stations from Texas Outhouse. We have a great selection of units that are in stock and ready for your job site.

Contact Texas Outhouse today to discuss renting our stations. We look forward to supporting your project needs.