Texas Outhouse portable toilets lined up for a special event at NASA in Houston

We Have Portable Toilets for Outdoor Events in Houston

If you’re planning an outdoor event, you probably have an ever-growing list of decisions to make. One of the most important choices you’ll make is where you’ll rent your portable restrooms from.

The fantastic selection at Texas Outhouse makes it easy to rent portable toilets for outdoor events in the Greater Houston area. Whether you’re planning weddings, corporate events, or sports events, we have the portable restrooms you need.

Learn more about our rental options and how they can support your event needs.

Deciding on Portable Toilet Rentals

Even if you know you want to rent portable restrooms from a reputable provider such as Texas Outhouse, you’ll still want to decide which special event portable toilets best suit your needs.

A major consideration for renting mobile restrooms is the number of guests you are planning to host. For example, large events like outdoor weddings will need many restroom facilities and possibly even a few luxury restroom trailers for the wedding party.

The type of portable toilet you need also depends on what type of event you’re hosting. Some special events like fairs or festivals might call for additional hand washing stations or ADA-compliant restroom trailers. Fortunately, we have these units readily available for you to rent.

What Makes Portable Restroom Rentals Necessary for Outdoor Events?

Portable toilet rentals are an absolute must for outdoor gatherings. But what makes them so essential? Here’s why renting portable toilets from a rental service leads to easier planning on your end and happier guests.

More Venue Options

A great reason to rent portable restrooms for outdoor events is because it opens up opportunities for you. If some locations don’t have access to enough standard restrooms, you might decide against hosting an event there. But renting portable toilets means you never have to worry about having enough toilets for your guests.

Lower Restroom Wait Times

With enough portable toilets on-site, guests can experience your event rather than waiting around in line. You can look at the size of your event’s guest list and rent the exact number of portable toilets you need. Having enough of them ensures that your guests won’t have to wait too long to get back to the party.

Longer Parties

If your guests don’t have easy access to restrooms, they probably won’t want to stay nearly as long. Guests who can use clean restrooms will stay comfortable and want to spend more time enjoying all of the hard work you put into organizing the event.

Simpler Setup

There’s a lot for an event planner to focus on. And while sanitation is important, it shouldn’t take your valuable time and energy away from planning other parts of the event. 

Renting your portable toilets from Texas Outhouse takes the burden off you. We’ll take care of delivery, setup, and removal, so you can focus on other things.

Why Rent Portable Toilets for Outdoor Events from Texas Outhouse?

Why rent specifically from Texas Outhouse for your next special event? We’re the go-to company for portable toilet rentals in the Greater Houston area for many reasons.

Wide Selection of Portable Toilets

It doesn’t matter what kind of event you’re having — we have a portable restroom for you that will serve the specific needs of your event. And we can always help you find the best units if you aren’t sure which ones to rent.

Accessory Rentals

Event sanitation and cleanliness are about more than access to enough portable restrooms. We’ll also set you up with anything else you need to succeed. With everything from handwashing stations to paper supplies to sanitizing stations, we’re the one-stop shop for your event’s waste needs.

Prompt Service

When your event is underway, you want to maintain visibility into how the event is going, not the condition of portable restrooms. That’s why we take care of every need during your event.

And, if you run into any issues, our customer service is exemplary. You can always expect quick replies and courteous service whenever you reach out to us.

Fast Delivery and Removal

Once you’ve secured your rental, you can expect it to arrive on-site according to your schedule. We take your timeline seriously and understand how important it is that you get your portable toilet rentals on time. Plus, we remove them just as quickly after your event has ended.

Complete Your Event To-Do List With Rentals From Texas Outhouse

Keep any event going strong with quality, affordable portable toilet rentals for all different types of events. Contact the team at Texas Outhouse today to learn more about our portable toilets for outdoor events.