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Ensure Quick Access to Portable Toilets for an Outdoor Event

As a leading provider of portable toilets for special events in the Greater Houston area, we have become experts on the importance of accessibility. Now that spring is upon us and events are moving outdoors, you want to plan accordingly to make sure guests have quick access to portable toilets during the event.

The two most important things to consider are (1) how many portable toilets you need and (2) where to place each portable toilet. The goal is to strike the balance of accessibility without interfering with the event.

How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need for an Outdoor Event?

The number of portable toilets to rent for your outdoor event depends on the occasion, the size of the space, the length of the event, and the number of guests that are expected to attend.

What’s the occasion? Some events tend to generate more consumption of food, drinks, and alcohol than other types of events. When planning events that are typically heavy on food or beverage intake, you should err on the side of renting more portable toilets.

How Big is the Space? A smaller, intimate setting such as an event in a tented area may only require a few portable toilets. However, if the event is spread out across a large area, this will affect the number of portable toilets you need to rent simply for the sake of accessibility. Otherwise, guests will gravitate toward one area of the venue instead of enjoying the full space.

How Long is the Event? The longer the event, the more toilets you will need to service each guest. Or, the event may be broken up into several sessions spaced out over a prolonged period of time, such as a venue tour or a sports tournament. Don’t focus on the smaller sessions; focus on the overall length of the event because staff members that are on-site for the full length of the event will need portable toilet access.

How Many Guests? Here is the standard ratio. If the outdoor event you are planning will last six hours and there will be no food or alcohol, it is recommended that you provide 1 portable toilet for every 85 women and 1 portable toilet per every 425 men.

This ratio will change the longer the event and with the introduction of food and beverages. Adjust accordingly to make sure you rent enough portable toilets to comfortably serve the guests.

Where Should You Place the Portable Toilets?

As you decide where to place the portable toilets, think about where they would be most convenient for guests. Some examples include:

High Traffic Areas. Analyze the space. Where will people be congregating the most? This is the area that guests assume they can find a restroom facility.

By the Entrance/Exit. Many folks will be looking for relief when they arrive at an outdoor event, or they would appreciate a respite just before leaving the event. If you know that guests will be traveling long distances to and from the event, consider placing portable toilets near the entrance/exit or parking lot area.

Far From an Indoor Restroom. Say the venue is large and there is an indoor restroom on-site. However, the main activity will be happening in the outdoors area. Don’t make guests walk all the way back inside for a respite. Create quick access to portable toilets in the main outdoors area.

Close to the Beverages. Beverage stations act as a gathering place for guests to mingle and converse while enjoying their beverage. And, of course, there is a clear correlation between beverage consumption and needing to use a facility. Allow guests an easy opportunity to excuse themselves from a conversation with access to a portable restroom placed near a beverage station.

Keep In Mind the Importance of Quick Access

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to rent the perfect number of portable toilets and place them at the absolutely most strategic locations. Take some of the burden off yourself. Use signage to guide your guests to the portable toilet locations!

Help out your guests by posting signs around the venue with arrows pointing toward each portable toilet. Depending on the nature of the event, you can even have fun with the signage with messages such as “Relief is Only 10 Yards Away!”

Your guests will be very appreciative and grateful for the notice, especially if a portable restroom is placed in a not-so-obvious location.

Rent Portable Toilets from Texas Outhouse

Texas Outhouse specializes in portable toilet rentals for outdoor events. We are experts in helping special event planners and others responsible for events to understand how many portable toilets to rent and where to place each portable toilet at the venue.

Contact Texas Outhouse today for rentals or any questions you might have about our services. Our team is ready to collaborate with you to put the finishing touch on the big spring event you’re planning.
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