Texas Outhouse provides a year-end recap of 2020 serving Houston customers through a letter from Paul Carl

Texas Outhouse Proud to Help Houston During a Time of Need

A Message from Texas Outhouse president Paul Carl

Did anyone see 2020 coming? What a challenging year. Yet, despite all of the hurdles thrown at us, I am extremely proud of our company’s ability to help Houston — the city we call home — during an incredible time of need.

During the pandemic, Texas Outhouse and our Luxury Event Trailers division provided services at COVID-19 testing sites for the City of Houston and Harris County. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of our team to help us meet fresh needs at each of the testing sites.

That was just one aspect of how our team sprung into action to help our city during the pandemic. We also introduced new, customizable COVID-19 solutions to help businesses, venues, grocery stores, restaurants, and organizations open their doors again.

Proud of Our Commitment to Houston Businesses

What a challenge for Houston business owners this year. As a fellow business owner in Houston, I understand how difficult it was to make increasingly critical decisions on a daily basis throughout 2020. That’s why we wanted to take one of those decisions off your plate by providing the ideal solutions to help your business safely re-open.

Whether you needed hand sanitizer in bulk, handwashing stations at entry points, restroom trailers to increase social distancing efforts, or eyewash stations to minimize the spread of virus particles, we focused our efforts on providing exactly what you needed.

Plus, we stay committed to serving the needs of essential service providers in Houston. We always knew that construction managers and contractors were essential, but we’re glad to see an official designation for some of our favorite customers. Because you kept the line moving during the pandemic, we proudly continued to provide portable toilets to make sure your workers were taken care of at the construction site.

On the other side of the coin, event planners were tremendously affected by the pandemic. Our team has built so many great relationships with event planners in Houston through our Luxury Event Trailers division. Our goal was to be ready to spring into action as you transitioned to outdoor events and other settings, per Governor Abbott’s health and safety standards. In 2021, we will be ready to help you meet new and unique needs as events start to return to normalcy.

Increasing Our Reach in the Houston Community

I am also excited about another key initiative that we introduced in 2020 to serve even more of the Houston community. Earlier this year, we introduced new Spanish language versions of our Texas Outhouse and Luxury Event Trailers websites. (Gainsborough Waste also introduced a Spanish language website.)

The Spanish versions of our websites have helped us better connect with our valued Spanish-speaking customers throughout Houston. This has been an exciting initiative for our company as we continue to serve the latest needs in our city.

I would like to personally thank our Customer Care team for their commitment to support this new offering by serving as a valuable point of contact for customers who are more comfortable scheduling services in Spanish. We are constantly looking for new ways to better serve our customers, and we believe this is one of the most important initiatives for our company in our 20 years of doing business in Houston.

Thank You, Houston

Finally, I would like to extend my appreciation to our drivers, operations team, sales team, accounting team, and the entire Texas Outhouse family for continuing to work hard every day meeting our customers’ needs.

We are proud to be local to Houston. We are proud to serve Houston. We are proud to help Houston through the pandemic so that we can all look forward to exciting new opportunities for growth in 2021.

– I encourage you to reach out to our team to schedule services. We can be reached in English or Spanish at 713-785-8050. Thank you for your continued trust in our company,

Paul Carl, president, Texas Outhouse and Luxury Event Trailers