A luxury event restroom trailer at an outdoor event in the Greater Houston area

The Best Uses of Event Restroom Trailers in Houston

Planning outdoor events in Houston can be fun and exciting – unless you forget to include a portable restroom in your budget. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or family reunion, it’s essential for your guests to have somewhere to go.

Event restroom trailers are a convenient solution when there is no permanent restroom at the venue or if the nearest indoor restroom is not within reasonable walking distance. Keep reading to learn more about the upscale restrooms you can rent for your special event in Houston. 

Why Use Portable Event Restroom Trailers 

Even when your event facility has indoor restrooms, it’s a good idea to consider additional restroom options. Upscale portable restroom trailers make an excellent sanitation solution for any occasion. They will meet or exceed your guests’ expectations and contribute to your event’s success.

The luxury portable restrooms offered by Luxury Event Trailers, a division of Texas Outhouse, include many guest-pleasing amenities such as heated running water, washing stations, and mirrors.

Some of our units even contain a music system that extends the entertainment value of the event. Check out our lineup of luxury trailers:

We also offer an ADA Restroom Trailer to serve the needs of disabled guests at your event. Indeed, our restroom trailers are designed to meet everyone’s needs. 

Select Restroom Trailers For These Types of Special Events

It’s crucial to have enough restroom facilities for any outdoor event. You can make this possible by having restroom trailers delivered to you. Here are a few outdoor events in Houston that are perfect for a restroom trailer rental.

Parades and Street Fairs

Organizers of large parades or street fairs should offer their guests access to a restroom facility. Otherwise, vendors may become overwhelmed and business owners will be overrun with guests trying to use their facilities. Help out your guests when there isn’t natural restroom access.

State Fairs and Festivals 

Anyone attending a fair or festival appreciates the experience of an indoor toilet. Sure, traditional portable restrooms provide a place to go, but you can go the extra mile for your attendees by renting a restroom trailer for guests to use at the venue.

Concerts and Music Festivals 

Concerts and music festivals draw large crowds of people who appreciate good music and fun. Generally, it’s an upbeat atmosphere unless attendees spend more time waiting in line for the restroom than enjoying the show. Event planners must consider restroom facilities when they’re planning a large-scale event like a concert.

Sporting Events 

Much like concerts, sporting events attract many spectators. They won’t be happy if they miss a second of the action waiting in line for the restroom, whether it’s their kid’s baseball tournament or a track meet.

Providing a wide range of restroom options will reduce crowding and wait times. This will also ensure your guests are happy with one aspect of their experience, even if their team doesn’t pull out the big win!


Weddings are joyous occasions. Everyone comes dressed in their best clothing, surrounded by beautiful outdoor scenery and decorations. Guests and the wedding party will appreciate upscale bathrooms that include a mirror and running water. 

Guests want to enjoy their time dancing and celebrating, not waiting in line to use a facility. If you’re a wedding event planner, make sure you take care of the happy couple, the wedding party, and the guests!

Corporate Events 

Hosting a corporate event means lots of information typically gets presented to the attendees. You wouldn’t want them to miss something important because they were standing in line at a restroom. Prevent this by ensuring your guests have adequate access to a portable unit by renting first-class event restroom trailers.

Schedule an Event Restroom Trailer Rental from Texas Outhouse 

Texas Outhouse provides first-class portable restroom options for special events across the Greater Houston area and beyond. Our portable restroom trailers include individual stalls, running water, vanities, lighting, heating and cooling, and audio capabilities.Call us today at 713-785-8050 to receive a free quote on event restroom trailers. You can also complete our contact form to get started. Our experienced team is ready to discuss your event needs so that we can arrange the perfect rental for the big event you’re planning.