natural disaster relief

Tips for “Setting Up Camp” During Natural Disaster Relief

Following a natural disaster or major storm, your place of business could lose critical functionality such as running water or power. You may even lose access to your building.

If you do not have access to water, power, or your building during natural disaster relief efforts, you need to consider setting up camp at your worksite so that individuals can continue to have restroom access.

What Should You Include In Your Temporary Work Setting?

When setting up camp, you need to have the right restroom elements to make the situation more comfortable for your employees. Additionally, if your business serves customers on-site at your location, you need to be mindful of providing the best experience under the circumstances.

1. Portable Toilets Are Critical

Clean, well-kept portable toilets will provide your employees (and customers) with a restful experience in the middle of natural disaster relief. Providing this service allows individuals to refresh themselves in a dignified manner before returning to recovery efforts (or continuing to work with your company).

2. Restroom Trailers and Showers Are Appreciated

Consider these three important reasons to expand beyond portable toilets to restroom trailers and showers:

  • You have more than 30 employees at your worksite
  • A significant number of your employees are without power or running water at their home
  • You serve a large customer base at your location

Restroom trailers offer more space and privacy to ensure a positive experience for each individual. Additionally, a shower stall with a changing area, seating space, a dressing area, and room for toiletries is essential if your employees are helping with disaster relief.

Texas Outhouse Provides Clean Toilets and Trailers

Texas Outhouse has clean toilets and trailers to support your business:

  • Portable Toilets (9 varieties, including a specially-designed women’s portable toilet)
  • Restroom Trailers (6 varieties, including an ADA unit)
  • Shower Trailers (multiple configurations available for male/female use)

The Texas Outhouse team is capable of quickly mobilizing our fleet of equipment to your worksite. We are also available 24 hours per day to take your phone call.

You can reach our customer service team directly at 713-999-6178. You can also provide us with information about your needs by completing this form or emailing [email protected].