Luxury portable toilets provided by Luxury Event Trailers in Houston, TX

Why Are Customers So Excited To Use Our Luxury Portable Toilets?

With so many outdoor venues to choose from in Texas, it’s common to hold weddings, family gatherings, milestone parties, and corporate events in natural settings. And, because you have more space to work with, you have the flexibility to schedule additional services at the venue.

One of the most important services to consider is an outdoor restroom. If you are looking for an added touch that will excite your guests and create a memorable experience, then you should consider luxury portable toilets.

We offer an upscale portable restroom solution for special events in the form of restroom trailers. This service is delivered through our division, Luxury Event Trailers, which has wowed so many guests in Houston and across Texas.

What Makes Our Luxury Portable Toilets A Crowd-Pleaser?

Our luxury restroom trailers provide more comfort and privacy than your standard portable toilet. Each station comes with clean and sanitary restroom stalls, handwashing sinks, mirrors, lighting, the option to play music, and other amenities. Each trailer is designed to create a spa-like experience for your guests:

  • Air conditioning or heating depending on the season.
  • Built-in speakers to choose the music that plays in the trailer.
  • Amenities such as soap, lotion, and fresh towels.
  • A separate changing area where your guests can take a moment to relax in privacy.

Just check out some of the recent reviews from customers and guests who have enjoyed the Luxury Event Trailers experience at gatherings throughout the Greater Houston area and across Texas.

– “I have never seen anything like it. My granddaughter used them for her very elegant outdoor wedding and they were not a distraction at all. Absolutely the most awesome portable restrooms I have ever seen. Not only were they extra nice inside but the exterior was very clean and presentable. Will definitely never use anyone else.” – Cindy C.

– “I never thought I’d be so excited to use a restroom like that. Everyone enjoyed the comfort. Thank you again for making my day special and providing these wonderful facilities.” – Patricia A.

– “This trailer at the Bellaire foodie fest was amazing. Nicer than the restroom in my house. WOW!!!” – Jackie S.

– “We rented a small luxury restroom trailer for my nephew’s small outdoor graduation party. With all that is going on, we wanted to create a safe environment for our family members, and the restroom was so fancy and clean!!” – Cassandra R.

– “I rented a trailer for my son’s graduation and my experience was beyond exceptional. The restrooms were as beautiful as they were in the pictures. Renting the trailer was an added bonus for our guests during our outdoor celebration.” – Mrs. C.

– “The trailer was amazing and very clean. I will recommend these trailers to everyone. Worth every penny spent.” – Ryan C.

– “My brother rented a  Luxury Event Trailer recently for his wedding and it was fantastic. Not only did you not feel like you were in a travel restroom, you felt like you were at a restroom at a nice hotel. Everything was great from the cleanliness to the decor, ambiance, and even smell. They even supplied toiletries and various provisions to help get through the night if you forgot anything. I will be certain to recommend them in the future! Thank you!” – Victoria C.

What to Consider When Renting a Luxury Restroom Trailer

You can rent one of our exceptional restroom trailers to support any number of guests at your outdoor event. We offer trailers ranging from 2 stalls to 10 stalls for large groups. Plus, we can customize the floorplan for select trailers to match your needs.

Depending on the event and who will be attending, you may want to also consider providing additional restroom trailer options. Some guests will require more space than others, while others may have special requirements to ensure they can prepare for the big event. This is why we also have the following available for rent:

  • ADA Compliant Restroom Trailer. This restroom trailer comes with an entrance ramp leading into a spacious interior. The ramp is ideal for guests who may have trouble stepping up and into new spaces. These trailers also come with thoughtful design elements, including an accessible restroom stall, mirrors, and handwashing sinks.
  • Shower Trailer. With 8 stalls included, this shower trailer can be split up by gender requirements, if needed. Included with each stall is a changing area, shower, lock, seating area, running water, and power outlets.
  • Additional Handwash & Sanitation Stations. We also offer 2-person, 10-person, or 12-person portable handwashing stations that can be placed outside of the trailer. This is convenient for a quick hand wash for guests.
  • Trash/Event Boxes. Ask us to include dedicated trash boxes that can be placed near the restroom trailers. Your guests will appreciate the quick, convenient access to a disposal location that will free them up to enjoy the event!

Work with Us to Support Your Outdoor Event in Texas

Texas Outhouse has you covered with luxury portable toilets and other waste solutions for your event. We have been doing this for over 20 years, and are happy to walk you through the best way to support your guests throughout the event.

Call us today to discuss luxury restroom trailers and other important details for your special event! Let’s find the right solution to wow your guests. You can reach us right away at 713-785-8050. Ask for special events director Craig Ray of Luxury Event Trailers.

You can also contact us through our website or email [email protected] for a fast reply. We look forward to helping you create a memorable event experience.